May 2015                                                                                                Ahraz-1502/004

AHRAZ report on the situation of Iranian Azerbaijani human rights violation:

 Hussein Alimohammadi and Taha Kermani two Azerbaijani activists were sentenced for total of 26 years (13 for each) imprisonment.

On 12 May 2015, the third Branch of the Tabriz Revolutionary Court sentenced Mr Alimohammadi and Mr Kermani to 10 years imprisonment in charge of “insulting religious sanctities” and “public property distorter”.

Previously on June 2014 they have been sentenced to 3 years of imprisonment. These sentences (3 years for each) had been suspended, however recently the Tabriz Revolutionary Court added the new sentence to the previous one.

Hossein Alimohammadi arrested on 1 March 2015 and after serving 10 days on security forces detention, the he was transferred to section 12 of Tabriz Central Prison on 10 March 2015.

The Tabriz revolutionary court accused Hussein Alimohammadi and Taha Kermani for several actions including “public property distorter”, however it has never been approved during investigation process.

According to Taha Kermani’s report to AHRAZ, they have not been in any action against Islamic Republic of Iran’s laws and any public property distorter.

Taha Kermani, has already fled from Iran and now he lives in Turkey.


Hasan Damirchi (Həsən Dəmirçi), well known Azerbaijani musician and cultural activist, has been summoned several times to Tabriz intelligence service by security forces. He was told to use his influence to control the other Azerbaijani activists, who were going to protest against Iranian president (Hassan Rouhani) during his journey to Tabriz city.

Mr Damirchi has been arrested and prisoned several times by Iranian authorities in the past.


Ali Rezaei was released on 10 May 2015.

Mr Rezaei was released on bail (IRR 1.5 billion) after 95 days detention at Evin prison / Tehran. As we mentioned on previous reports he was arrested on 04 February 2015 at Tehran Airport.


Alireza Farshi Yekenli, was released after 58 days detention at Evin Prison / Tehran on 19 April 2015.

Mr Farshi Yekenli was summoned to the 26 branch of the revolutionary court / Tehran. He has to be present on 30 May 2015 at court.

“Oğuz Kaan” a three and half years old boy, who has not identity document.

Iran’s National Organization for Civil Registration have not issued the identity document for the “Oğuz Kaan” name in East Azerbaijan province after 3 and half a year.

The second branch court of Maku city refused Mr Sadiq Feyzollahnejad appeal to this issue with the excuse of non-sense name for Islamic Republic of Iran. His son (Oğuz Kaan) still does not have identity card.



Political interference in the Iranian Premier League



Political interference in the Iranian Premier League final between Tractor Sazi Tabriz FC (East Azerbaijan football club) and Naft Tehran FC, owned by the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) to prevent the Azerbaijani club from gaining the championship.

The authorities act against Tractor Sazi FC was interpreted as a conspiracy by more than 80,000 fans’ of Tractor Sazi and led them to protest in the stadium and later in streets.

AHRAZ is highly concerned about Mr Hosein Alimohammadi’s situation. He needs the urgent action of human rights organizations to avoid the court of appeal from finalizing this unjust sentence.

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