Sajjad Radmehr’s Experience in Detention 2013/03/13 Video

Sajjad Radmehr’s Experience in Detention Ladies and gentlemen! It is my pleasure to be among you and describe my experience in custody of Iran intelligence service in Tabriz as well as Tabriz Central Prison in order to help you to realize what the situation is like. My name is Sajjad Radmehr, an Azerbaijani human rights […]

Shahin Khyavi minority issues forum – UN 25/11/2014[ Video]

Shahin Khyavi: Ethnic Turks live in Iranian Azerbaijan’s provinces and other parts of the country. They are exposed to different intensities of violence. In this intervention I will talk about various forms of violence directed against Turks in Iran. The totalitarian nature of Iranian Governmen t and formation of an ideological identity in the society […]