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Azerbiajan region


Mohammad Javad Tarbiat Mirkoohi : The security forces of Tehran arrested Mohammad Javad Tarbiat Mirkoohi on September 21, 2022, during the ongoing protests against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Negin Kiani

Negin Kiani, a lawyer from Tabriz, was detained by the security forces and released from custody on November 13, 2022.

Babak Qabelnejad

The security forces of Sayin Qala (Shahindej) city in west Azerbaijan province arrested Babak Qabelnejad on Wednesday 26 October 2022.

Mohammad Siamaknia

Mohammad Siamaknia, a filmmaker from Tabriz, was arrested by the security forces on September 24, 2022, in connection with the 2022 nationwide Iran protests and was taken to an unknown location.

Samaneh and Mahdi Dadgar 

Samaneh and Mahdi Dadgar: During the protests, Azerbaijani Turk siblings were arrested on September 22, 2022, in the Hidaj city of Zanjan province.

Mina Alikhani

Mina Alikhani, a mountaineer and one of the detainees of the 2022 Iran protests from Zanjan, is sentenced to one year of prison and 74 whips by Branch 107 of Zanjan Criminal Court, headed by “Mohammad Mahdi Mohammadi”

Maleehe Bani Asadi

The security forces arrested Maleehe Bani Asadi on 12/18/2022 in Tabriz, East Azerbaijan province. She is a mountaineer and couch in the Ayghar club.

Shahab Bayat

Shahab Bayat was arrested in Hamadan on October 31th, 2022. He was accused of “assembly and collusion to act against national security”. The revolutionary court of Hamadan sentenced him to three years of prison.

Tahereh Bajravani

Tahereh Bajravani got arrested on Wednesday, December 21, 2022.  The first branch of the revolutionary court in Shahriyar sentenced her to 18 months of ta’ziri prison. 

-interviews with-

Azerbaijani Activists

On Iran protests in

Azerbiajan region

Katayun Isali

Women in Iran are not protesting only the mandatory hijab. They want freedom and equality!

Simin sabri

Why the death of Mahsa Amini became a symbole of unity among women in Iran?


Being a women in Iran means resistance!

regardless of the time and location.

Turkan Bozkurt

Towards an egalitarian society in Iran!

Pinar Molla Abbasi

The Islamic Republic of Iran is the direct blame for my father’s situation. If anything happens to him they are responsible.

For 43 years, the Iranian state has prevented women from entering and advancing in their social life.

Latif Hasanli

Every year with the start of schools, the systematic linguicide starts in Iran.

Ural Hatami

The Iranian government does not use only violence, but terror against its own people.

Turkan Bozkurt

Women are human, above all other [identities].

The security forces called My wife, Safiya Karabagi on her phone, threatened and summoned her to the Zanjan intelligence office. 

Taha Kermani

 We must stop being a part of the patriarchal system and say no to this dysfunctional system


Towards an egalitarian society in Iran!