34. In February 2015, Azerbaijani rights activist Mr. Ali Reza’i was arrested. At the
time of this writing, his whereabouts or charges — if any — were unknown.134

55.Mr. Latif Hassani, an Azerbaijani minority political activist and Secretary of the Yeni Gamoh Party, was reportedly arrested on 22 January 2013 in Karaj (Alborz Province) and transferred to the Tabriz Intelligence Office. On 29 April 2013, Branch 3 of the Revolutionary Court of Tabriz sentenced him, alongside Messrs. Mahmoud Fazli, Ayat Mehrali Beiglou, Shahram Radmehr, and Behboud Gholizadeh to nine-years imprisonment on charges of establishing an illegal group and “propaganda against the system.” He reportedly suffers from heart disease and is in immediate need of medical attention. Mr. Hassani was transferred from Tabriz Prison (East Azerbaijan Province) to Evin Prison (Tehran Province) and then to Rajae’i Shahr Prison on 26 June 2014, after 52 days of hunger strike. During interrogations at the Tabriz Intelligence Office, Mr. Radmehr reportedly fell unconscious due to psychological pressure and was hospitalized for three days. In 2011, he reportedly suffered a heart attack, allegedly due to torture and physical pressure experienced while in detention in 2010. His long-term hunger strike has reportedly weakened his physical condition. Officials at both Tabriz Prison and Rajae’i Shahr Prison (Alborz Province) allegedly prevented his medical furlough.

56. Azeri political activist, Mr. Shahram Radmehr held in Tabriz Prison (East Azerbaijan Province), was recently granted medical furlough. However, he is reportedly being prevented from leaving the prison. Mr. Radmehr reportedly suffers from medical issues including arthritis, severe headaches, and stomach ulcers. In August 2014, Mr. Radmehr was transferred from Tabriz Prison to Meshkin Shahr Prison (Ardebil Province). Before his transfer, the Tabriz Medical Examiner’s Office reportedly confirmed that he was in urgent need of medical treatment and should be provided medical furlough. Prison officials, allegedly opposed Mr. Radmehr’s medical furlough and instead transferred him to Meshkin Shahr Prison. After two months, and despite his family’s persistent pursuit of furlough in accordance with procedure, judicial officials of Meshkin Shahr Prison have not facilitated adequate access to medical care.



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